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MF Ceilings

Why are MF ceilings fast becoming the most sought after suspended ceiling product on the market? Perhaps it’s the low cost. Maybe it’s the simple, swift insulation or the fantastic finish. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of them.

Whatever the reason, you’ll save even more when you buy MF ceilings materials from and, like everything else in store, the more you order, the more you save.

How much do you need to order? Make calculating quantities easy with our MF ceiling calculator. For help, just call 01253 864 901.

What does the ‘MF’ in MF ceiling mean?

The MF stands for metal frame. But that can be a little confusing since a regular suspended ceiling also uses a metal frame.

What’s the difference between an MF ceiling and a traditional suspended ceiling?

The difference lies in the construction and the appearance. In a traditional suspended ceiling, the metal grid is exposed (to varying degrees), with ceiling tiles dropped into each square of the grid to give a cellular appearance.

In an MF ceiling, the frame is entirely concealed behind a plasterboard face to achieve a ‘monolothic’ appearance. Put simply, a ‘suspended ceiling’ looks like a suspended ceiling. An MF ceiling is a suspended ceiling you’d never know was suspended.

When should I choose an MF ceiling?

Traditional suspended and MF ceilings share many traits – including thermal and acoustic performance – so the choice between them tends to break down as follows:

  • Low cost: A traditional suspended ceiling will enable you to cover a larger space for less. But an MF ceiling will typically offer greater design flexibility for just a little more outlay.
  • Design freedom: If you’re wanting to make slopes or sweeping curves, an MF ceiling really is the right bet, giving you greater freedom to make the design choices you really want.
  • Personal preference: Some people love the traditional cellular approach. Some want the sleek clean lines of an MF ceiling. And there’s nothing to stop you mixing and matching the two!

What are the benefits of MF ceiling?

There are lots of benefits to MF ceilings:

  • Quick and easy to construct and install
  • Simpler, cheaper option than timber frame construction
  • Add thermal or acoustic insulation above the ceiling during installation
  • Frame is easy to cut to length

How do I calculate MF ceiling quantities?

Working out exactly how much you need can be one of the most difficult parts of the process – but we’ve made it easy. So put away the pad and pencil and try the MF ceiling calculator on our sister site, JCS. Order via that site and you’ll still get the same low prices.

If you get stuck just call 01253 864 901.