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Metal Stud & Track

Save time and money on labour intensive timber partition walls by using the metal partitioning system. The U Track and C Stud system makes partitioning simple without sacrificing strength or quality.

Like everything instore, the more you order the more you’ll save. For help in calculating quantities, just call 01253 864 901.

What’s the difference between U, C and I track and channel?

U track is the base and top of your partition. It’s into these tracks you’ll slot C channel for standard non-load-bearing partitions. Where you’re building a taller partition or where the partition needs to carry load, I stud provides greater strength without increasing partition width.

Which U track do I need?

Check individual product specifications, but generally where your partition will be below 4m in height you can use a standard U track. For partitions taller than 4m and below 8m use deep track.

How easy is metal stud and track to cut to length?

With a decent pair of tin snips, extremely easy. Be sure to wear protective gloves as the cut metal can be sharp.

How should I fix U track?

Screw into place at 600mm intervals. The service holes are also typically 600mm apart, so use them as a guide.

Is there a right way up for C track?

No. It doesn’t matter which way you insert it into the U track.

Where should I position C channels?

For applications other than bathrooms, position them at the ends and centre of your plasterboard. So for a 1200mm plasterboard, you’ll need a channel every 600mm. In bathrooms, opt for 400mm intervals to account for the weight of tiles.

Do I need noggins for metal stud and track?

No, noggins are essential with timber partitions to stop the upright timbers from bowing. As the metal won’t bow and noggins have no other structural purpose, you don’t need them.

I need help ordering

Give us a call and tell us what you need. We’re happy to help. Call us now on 01253 864 901.