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Saving You Time
And Money This Winter

Acoustic Ceilings Made Simple

Our range of acoustic insulation pads can reduce sound reverberation and deaden sound within a room.

Save Time, Save Energy Save Money

The idea behind insulation is to ensure that heat and noise is retained meaning less need for heating which costs money to produce.

Retain Heat

Retain heat, meaning less need for heating.

Reduce Sound

Reduce sound reverberation meaning less echo and sound escaping.

Save Money

Save Money on your energy bills by reducing the heat that escapes.

About us

We are nationwide suppliers of all things insulation. with over 30 years experience with suspended ceilings and related products, you can rely on us to help fulfil your requirements.

Our mission

We are an ever growing business who aim to expand our customer base and build lasting relationships with both our customers and suppliers, whilst also enhancing our service capabilities.

What we offer