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Showing all 10 results

Celotex Insulation Boards

For commercial and domestic applications, our Celotex insulation offers high performance thermal insulation with lots of additional benefits to boot.

Like everything in store, you’ll find Celotex insulation boards cost less at and the more you order, the more you save. Find the right boards for you below, then order online or call 01253 864 901.

What is PIR?

Most of our Celotex insulation boards are made from Polyisocyanurate (PIR). It’s an extremely efficient insulator and used across the construction industry.

What are the benefits of PIR insulation board?

  • Thermal performance: you’ll get greater insulation per mm of insulation board than you will from traditional forms of insulation. That means you can achieve the same insulation with a Celotex board than with traditional insulation that’s almost twice as thick. That gives you lots of space saving potential.
  • Eco-friendly: Over its working life a PIR board will save around 80x more energy than was used to make it.
  • Lightweight: Easy to lift, handle and transport.
  • Durable: PIR boards don’t rot, sag or decay, so they’ll keep performing almost indefinitely.
  • Mould-resistant: PIR is resistant to microbial growth and mould
  • Non-irritating: There are no itchy fibres to contend with

Why choose Celotex insulation board?

In addition to the general benefits of PIR insulation board, Celotex offers:

  • Thermal conductivity as low as 0.021W/mk
  • A lower environmental impact than many other PIR boards
  • A+ energy efficiency rating compared with eth BRE Green Guide
  • A wide range suitable for pitched, roofs, flat roofs, walls and floors in new build and refurbishment projects

Which Celotex insulation board do I need?

  • CW4000: High performance insulation for partial fill cavity walls.
  • GA4000: High performance insulation in a range of roof, wall and floor applications.
  • PL4000: The PIR insulation is bonded to a tapered-edge plasterboard which enables an in-one application that reduces installation times.
  • TB4000: High performance insulation even in thicknesses as small as 12mm. Can be used in two-layer build ups between and under rafters and over stud in timber frame wall-lining applications.
  • XR4000: A multi-purpose insulation board that achieves low U-values from just a single layer of insulation

For more information including technical specifications, download the Celotex Handy Guide then talk to us about quantities and low prices.