100mm Thick Acoustic Insulation Pad 1200 x 600mm

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1200 x 600mm Acoustic Insulation Pads

Product description

100mm Thick Acoustic Pad

Product Number: ISP-0332

Our 100mm Acoustic Pads are one of our most popular insulation pad sizes as they balance bill-shrinking energy efficiency with greater acoustic properties at a low cost. 100mm-thick suspended ceiling insulation pads are lightweight and easy to install – and they won’t cause any undue stress on your suspended ceiling.

Once in place they’ll keep your room warmer, reduce escaping noise levels and lower your energy bills. Suspended ceiling insulation pads are standard ceiling tile-sized. To work out how many you need, just count the tiles!

Product details:

  • Qty: Minimum of 20 pads (please call us on 01253 864 902 for larger quantities)
  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm x 100mm
  • Contents: Mineral Fibre
  • Outer: Polythene

For further technical information about suspended ceiling insulation pads, please contact us.

*Please note that these pads are compressed for delivery and should be allowed between 48 – 72 hours to re-inflate to maximum size


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