Suspended Ceiling Insulation

Loosing Heat Above Your Suspended Ceiling?

If your room has a suspended ceiling, is cold and is difficult to heat, then you are in need of ceiling insulation bags. It can be very difficult to keep a room warm when the room isn’t insulated properly. Just like wearing a jumper when its cold outside, your building will need insulation to prevent heat escaping.

Our range of bagged ceiling insulation pads sit directly above your suspended ceiling tiles and stop heat escaping your room, meaning any heat you pay to create, will remain in your room reducing the need for heating. This over a year can dramatically reduce your energy bills and in most cases, the insulation will pay for its self time and time again.

How Easy Are They To Install?

Insulation bags & pads are incredibly simple to install. This is due to the insulation being encapsulated meaning no itchy glass fibres etc, you can simply lift a ceiling tile out, place a insulation pad on top and put it back in the ceiling. You now have a fully insulated ceiling via a very easy method!


What Is The Difference In Thickness & Size?

We offer a range of thicknesses and size of insulation pads to accommodate different void widths in a ceiling, and to enhance the thermal conductivity and heat retention. In our standard thermal range, our pads range from 100mm Thick – 300mm Thick

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